The integrated help function of Yap contains a lot of examples. Be sure to browse through them before you asking any questions. If you do need help, the Issues tab on Github is there for you.

Data Types

Yap supports these data types:

  • integer, with its gui object .i
  • float, with its gui object .f
  • trigger or bang, with its gui object .b
  • message or string, with its gui object .m
  • list (every message with spaces in it)
  • audio buffer (for DSP objects)


These objects are supported in yap:

  • Math Operations: .+ .- .* ./
  • DSP Math: ~+ ~- ~* ~*
  • Gui: .b (button) .t (toggle) .m (message) .slider .text
  • Flow: .s (send) .r (recieve) .gate .switch .route
  • MIDI: .midiout .noteon .noteoff .controlchange .polypressure .channelpressure .programchange
  • Conversion: .mtof (midi to frequency) .ftom (frequency to midi)
  • DSP Generators: ~sine ~saw ~noise
  • DSP Filters: ~lp (lowpass) ~hp (highpass) ~bp (bandpass) ~vcf
  • Other DSP: ~clip ~line


  • CTRL+E: Toggle between edit and performance mode
  • CTRL+A: Add new object
  • t: Add Toggle
  • b: Add Button (Bang)
  • i: Add Integer
  • f: Add Float

Objects and connections can be deleted by selecting them and pressing backspace.

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